How to Build Wall Shelf Unit.

wall shelf unit

Wall Shelf Unit to provide owners with more storage and display space and can be adapted for the intended use simple and good for work or washing machine or expensive for a family room or den. Building a wall shelf, has a few simple tools and materials, and a little planning and testing before launch. 

Measure the Wall Shelf Unit where you want shelves up and down and sideways. On paper sketch a design for you a few shelves. Consider the length, height and depth of the shelves and the distance between them. 

Make sure there is enough space for items on the Wall Shelf Unit which is deep enough for your books or pocket big enough for that, for example. It is time to experiment with different configurations and models. To save time and reduce the shelves can be designed around pre-cut lengths of board.

Use a pencil to mark on the wall at the light where you want to make shelves. Use a metal detector to locate nails behind the wall. Then, on a storage medium screw every 16 cm in places on the shelves. Staples in the conservation and replaced with wood screws, long enough to get on the wall studs instead of wood. In general, Wall Shelf Unit screws 2 inches is sufficient. 

If you want to paint or stain the Wall Shelf Unit do before installing. Then put the plates on the shelf brackets and secure with wood screws that connects the small platform. Dimensions in brackets depends on the size of the media best table, the depth of that support.